All That We Hold - music download

Anyone can listen to All That We Hold for free on the All That We Hold webpage, but some of you might like to purchase your own, high quality, digital download, and — at the same time — support the arts. The cost is $3.99, in Canadian dollars.

You can download the music to All That We Hold in one of two different audio formats. Both formats are widely used, and are playable on most devices:

When making your purchase, please choose one of these two formats.

How to purchase

  1. Click the "Buy Now" button
    • You will be taken to a secure, encrypted PayPal site, where you can pay by credit card (no need to join PayPal) or by your PayPal account balance.
  2. Pay via credit card or PayPal balance
    • Upon payment, you will be shown a page that contains this link:
  3. Click the link,
    • . . . and you will immediately be taken to a page to download the music.
All That We Hold — MP3 $3.99
All That We Hold — WAVE $3.99